Sandy Tattoo Studio Established - 1998 in Goa

Over the last 2 decades Sandy’s Studio has evolved more as a brand and is recognized for its different style and approach towards its clients and their requirement. Studio focuses on giving its clients the best tattoo experience possible.

As a Famous Chinese Proverb Goes – “A person who cannot smile should never open a Shop” and we hold this principal of being customer friendly and caring very close to our heart, we maintain a positive environment, which respects diverse ideas and different schools of thought.

The Studio excels at taking your ideas and turning them into a spectacular custom tattoo, designed to last. We offer all styles of tattoo work and body piercing services in Goa using highest quality equipments. The majority of tattoos done in the studio are custom designed to meet the client's specifications and along with it we provide variety of flash cards and books in the studio to draw your inspiration for the designs.

The Sandy Tattoo Studio carry all licenses and government clearances to operate custom built tattoo and piercing studio in Goa, studio maintains highest standards of hygiene and a professional approach towards its client. We have continually surpassed environmental health code requirements, and are fully equipped with up-to-date modern sterilization equipment for all tattoo and piercing requirements.

Artist use only single-use and autoclaved needles for all tattoos and piercing activities, studio adheres to the strictest standards of safety and sterile procedures, making sure your experience is both fun and safe. The tattoo and piercing fee charged are as per standard rates and are at one the most competitive pricing for the sheer quality of work and professional approach on offer.