Eternally Yours

Eternally Yours

Eternal Ink is our favourite ink brand for various reasons. Not only is it one of the best inks available but it is also free of animal testing and animal cruelty. It is one hundred percent vegan. It is made out of pure organic pigments, deionized water (deionized water is water that has had its ions removed and is neither positive nor negative charge), and hamamelis water (witch hazel water. Witch Hazel is a plant whose leaves, bark, and twigs are used for medicinal purposes. Hamamelis Water is merely an extract from dried leaves, bark and partially dormant twigs.)

Eternal Ink is supplied in a medical grade bottle and is known for its longevity even after the seal is broken. This ink might have a scent and that is only because it is completely natural and nature is known for its perfume.

Post Date : 18-07-2018
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